Hello and welcome to this blog. This site was put together using notes I made when preparing for the UK Royal College of Pathology exams. I found them useful and I hope you do too. HLA testing for disease associations is almost as old as the field of HLA research. Early on, there was perhaps a belief that the HLA associations for most common autoimmune diseases would eventually be determined and a nice neat explanation of the basis of these diseases would be established. We now know of course that the situation is that little bit more complicated. The associations are not all 100% and having a predisposing HLA type does not imply that a person would develop the disease in question. Many autoimmune diseases have a polygenic basis with HLA and non HLA genes contributing to disease susceptibility. The advent of genome wide association studies has opened up new avenues for the exploration.

Here at http://www.hladiseaseassociations.com/ I discuss a number of autoimmune and other inflammatory diseases, reviewing the prevalence and epidemiology where known and assessing the value to genetic testing for these conditions. Please sign up for email updates and leave a comment on some of our entries. Lets see if we can get a conversation going.

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